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Questions and Answers about the Vickers machine gun

Richard Fisher

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This series of videos that we've started might be of interest to forum members. It covers quite a range of topics and will be released monthly. There are questions that cover the Vickers across it's entire service but also some specific to the Great War (such as Combined Sights in the third episode). If you have any questions that need explaining in detail, with some 'show and tell' then post a reply of contact us through one of the many outlets we have and I'll try to cover it in one of the future videos (if it's a big question then we may give it a video of its own).


The questions answered in the first video are in the links here (click to jump to the specific question or watch the whole video below):

What are the different muzzle attachments?

What bullets should inert ammunition have?

Did guns and tripods stay together?

How do you adjust the fusee spring?

How do you lace the barrel casing cover?




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Our second video in the series. Direct links to the questions or watch the whole video. The barrel life question is an interesting one from a Great War perspective.


Did the Australians supply the Vickers to the British?

How long does a Vickers barrel last?

What was the daily allocation of ammunition for the Vickers?

How much .303 was produced in WW2?

How do you adjust headspace on the Vickers?





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The third video of the series has now been produced and covers 'combined sights' which features quite heavily in the Great War training material (and accounts) for the Vickers and Maxim machine guns.


How does 'combined sights' work?

How do you stop rust forming inside the barrel casing?

Did the SAS use the Vickers in North Africa?

What's the difference with Vickers barrel casings?

What's the effective range of the Vickers?



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