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BBC Genome Project and WW1

Hedley Malloch

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This is doing the rounds on Twitter. The BBC Genome project contains copies of every Radio Times published since 1923. It's a great resource for anyone interested in social history. When you have finished checking what was shown and said on the day you were born, look at how the commemorations of WW1 have changed over the years. For example, compare the treatment of the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the war with that of the centenary. Similarly check out the Armistice. Also feed in the major battles, themes, campaigns, soldiers etc for a complete index of what the BBC has had to say about them.



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What a lovely resource-  I had no idea it had been done.  I knew from years ago that Admiral Sir William Goodenough had done something in the Thirties on Jutland-I remember it being played (Not in 1934-ish-in some documentary more recently!!)   Putting his name in shows a number of contributions by him-his reminiscence of Jackie Fisher,for example.

   Goodenough contributed a bit to a miscellany piece done by the Beeb-Scrapbook for 1914 -with a "contribution" (ie the actual voice) of Lord Roberts. Fascinating to wonder what "Bobs" sounded like.


Of course, this is like bringing a packet of dog treats home, letting the Mutt (Rudi in my case) see the things and then not giving him any-   The Radio Times listings must inevitably lead to 2 questions   -1)  Was is it recorded?    2) Where do we get it? 


    Looking at the Somme, the following seems irresistible:




(And how nice to see the Home Service, Light and Third back again-  Let's hope for the best on archives- just hope it has not all been junked to  make economies so that Chris Evans,Zoe Ball and Gary Lineker can be paid) 

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