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captured Russian ship Posadnik used by the German army

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Does anyone know anything about a Russian (merchant?) vessel Posadnik (as far as I can read) in use by the Germans. They are loading or unloading a horse, I assume the ship must have been in use for either the Oesel campaign (Albion) or the Finland expedition or to evacuate German troops late 1918 from the east (either from Finland or from the south, Georgia or Ukraine).





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6 hours ago, James A Pratt III said:

I would say it was not Operation Albion. I would say this might be the Black Sea sometime after the March 1918 Brest treaty.


That's my gut feeling as well but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much info about old Russian merchant vessels...

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Posadnik was the term for mayor in Nowgorod and Pskow. So the name could make sense on a Russian ship. Had a look in my library. However it seems no ship by this name is listed in the Lloyd´s Register of 1917 nor is it listed in the Groener, a multi-volume book of ships under command of the German navy.



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James A Pratt III

The Book "The Ottoman Steam Navy 1828-1923 mentions a number of troop movements by ship after the Brest treaty to occupy former Russian territory. The germans also captured a part of the Russian fleet.

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