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Cambrai Court of Enquiry


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I thought I'd check here before requesting a copy from TNA as I'm sure there is a backlog.


Does anyone have access to any documents related to the Court of Enquiry held after Cambrai 1917? I'm looking in to the 55 (West) Lancashire division and have read that following their losses after 30 November 1917 they were withdrawn and an enquiry held.


I have found this on the National Archives but it hasn't been digitised Cambrai: Action fought south of, 30 Nov. 1917; Court of enquiry


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could access this easier or if there is a good secondary source/ write up?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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From memory , I think the War Diary for 55 Div General Staff  Jan to April 1918 has some handwritten evidence submitted to the enquiry. TNA reference is WO 95-2905. Will check my downloaded copy  tomorrow morning and will post to confirm if my recollection is correct . 



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Approx the first 50 pages of WO 95-2905  contains correspondence regarding the Court's admin as well as senior officers opinions of what might be discussed and attitudes to apportioning blame. Interesting, but probably not what you are looking for. Not that it's much help at the moment, but I believe there is a copy of the Enquiry report and some additional material in the Maxse papers at IWM. 

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