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Pte. Albert Leonard Baker MM, 858, 56th Field Ambulance, RAMC

Ivor Anderson

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Pte. Albert Leonard Baker MM, 858, 56th Field Ambulance, RAMC

(53 Infantry Brigade, 18th Division)


Born: 5th April 1885 (1939 Census)

Baptised: St David’s, Birmingham 14 April 1886.

Parents: Samuel Baker (b.1860) & Elizabeth Jane Parry (b.1862), married St David’s, Birmingham 5th July 1884

Grandparents: James & Emma Baker (1881), 46 Vaughton St, South, Birmingham. GF ‘labourer for LNWR'

1891 Census: 7 Back48, Birmingham, aged 6.

1901 Census: 13 Spring Street, Birmingham aged 15. Father & Albert occ. ‘Groom’.

1911 Census: 95 Cox Street, West Balsall Heath, Birmingham, ’Theatre Attendant’ aged 26. Father a ‘Coachman’.

Three younger sisters: Florence Dora, b. Q1 1889, Elda Anne b. 23 Feb 1891, m. Jenkins, d. Q2 1974 aged 83.

                                      Leah b. Q1 1893, m. 1 June 1914 James Chapman, 


Served with no. 9 Stationary Hospital, then 56th Field Ambulance RAMC in WW1. No surviving Service Record??

Field Ambulances: http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/soldiers/a-soldiers-life-1914-1918/the-evacuation-chain-for-wounded-and-sick-soldiers/field-ambulances-in-the-first-world-war/

Entered France 15 August 1914 (MIC). Entitled to 1914 Star + BWM & VM.


MM in London Gazette 31405, 17 June 1919. Schedule no. 224936.

(Awarded along with Pte. Harold George 435096 (56 FA), schedule no. 224937).


N.B. 54, 55 & 56 Field Ambulances served with 18 (Eastern) Division.

x3 MMs to 54th FA, and x3 to 55th FA RAMC are listed in the 17 June 1919 Gazette (for Sept-Oct 1918).

(The LG of 22 July 1919 contained x2 to 54th, & x2 to 55th FA (none to 56th FA!)

The 22 July MMs are listed in 18 Division HQ WD at end of November 1918. MMs for 17 June not in WDs?


Married: Agnes M. Hay (DoB 6th May 1889) Q3 1919, Aston District, Birmingham.


1939 Census: ‘LMS Railway Carman’. Born 5th April 1885.

Children (from 1939 Census):

Barbara B. Baker, b,  8th May 1920  m. Parker

Winifred A. Baker, b. 10th July 1921 m. Pitt

Margaret Baker, b. 16th June 1923   m. Brant

Leonard A. Baker, b. 28 July 1925


Died: Birmingham, Q4 1947 aged 62 (9c 58)


At what point would he have moved to the 56th FA? (no. 9 Stationary Hospital given as his unit on MIC).

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Looking at the MMs awarded to the 54, 55 & 56 Field Ambulances, RAMC of the 18th Division in the LG of 17 June 1919 reveals 8 MMs for Sept-Oct. 1918 (the 'Advance to Victory'):


224933 Pte. Arthur Duncan 56102            55th FA

224934 Pte. Arthur Roland Wood 75941   55th FA

224935 Pte. David Smart 37265                55th FA

224936 Pte Albert Leonard Baker 858       56th FA

224937 Pte. Harold George 435096          56th FA

224938 Pte. David Scoular 53403             54th FA

224939 Pte. David Rogerson 38287          54th FA

224040 Pte. Frank Wm. Sherrin 38419      54th FA


The LG of 22 July 1919 lists four more (none to 56th FA) for Oct-Nov. 11918, especially 4th November (on 18th Division list 29th Nov 1918):

248123 Pte. George Henry Pottington 37571 55th FA

248124 Pte. Harold Hitchcock 41544             55th FA

248125 Pte. Jack Cogill 104184                     54th FA

248126 Pte. William Tozer 10226                   54th FA

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Albert Baker's MM Index Card (TNA: WO-372-23-75562) and the MM edge inscription:

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 09.44.19.png



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  • Ivor Anderson changed the title to Pte. Albert Leonard Baker MM, 858, 56th Field Ambulance, RAMC

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