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Ottoman Col Salvi and Col Sahir at Kerever Dere (2nd Krithia) 6-8-May 1915


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I notice the names of two Ottoman Officers mentioned by the German Muhlmann when on Staff with the Southern Group at Helles under Weber.


Wolf's Book shows the names as Col Salvi and Col Sahir (page 149 & 150) 


This was after the attacks by the 9th and 7th Ottoman Divisions around Kerever Dere (2nd Krithia) 6-8-May 1915


Of cause this maybe the names being misspelled by this German of Ottoman names?


I can find no officers commanding Regts by those names?


The names of all Regt officers are shown in Erickson's book (Gallipoli Campaign) page 212


7th Div


19th Regt LtCol Sabri
21st Regt LtCol Halil
45th Regt LtColRefik
46th Regt LtCol Mahmut
127th Regt LtCol Hasan


9th Div


25th Regt LtCol Irfan
26th Regt LtCol Kadri
20th Regt LtCol Halit


15th Div


39th Regt Maj Kazim


So who are they or could they be?



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These two are not proper names at all and obviously misspelled. Are there any more details? Just looked into the Turkish version of Wolf's book, and only Turkish names in the related chapter are Halil SamiRemzi, Rifat (not colonel), Sabri, Halil. "Salvi" must be "Sabri" and "Sahir" must be "Halil".  

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Yes I was sure that Muhlmann had made the mistake, as he also shows the same in most of his accounts of Ottoman names.


That fact is many mistakes of both Ottoman and even Germans names are found in the book (by Wolf), that's why I like to cross check with others sources?


While most are these errors are possibly in Translation, most, who like me, are taken from all sources which contain these errors?






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