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RFA 27th Brigade and 231st Brigade (A Battery)


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My great grandfather Henry Wood joined the Royal Field Artillery, 27th Brigade, aged 20 (1910) in Sheffield. He served in this Brigade until 1916 (I think), where he then joined the 231st Brigade (A Battery) until 1922. His service number is 62008 and I’m trying to find out as much information about him as possible. I know that he was awarded 4 medals, including the Meritorious Medal for distinguished service (I think), but we don’t have any of his medals. I am keen to track down his original medals if possible, but I know how difficult this will be. I am also trying to find any photos of him / his Brigade and his movements during WW1. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

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It is sometimes worth checking the 1911 census as this  can identify men to their Battery, which they were often still in, in 1914..

and it would be worth sharing information on what you know.. and how.. just to be 100%  sure of all the information... is he is on 1914 Star Roll for 27th Brigade I presume?  There was quite a lot of movement of men between batteries in August 1914, for example..as they were brought up to strength with mobilised reservists and transfers from other units  not going to France..

Annoyingly the 27th Brigade census return [the Brigade  was in Ireland then  but I see he was married in Newcastle in 1913?? is that right? , if born and enlisted in Sheffield] is one of those where men are only identified by their initials.. but he is not obviously visible there..I see his Attestation record shows him as a 'Fettler' on enlistment.. these professions usually match those listed on the 1911 census, in my experience..

in 119th Bty there are no H..Ws..;

in 120th Bty an H. W.   said to be 18.. a Roman Catholic - 'General labourer'..

in 121st Bty.. an E.H.W. aged 22 CofE .. previously 'shoemaker'.



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