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44th Company Machine Gun Corps


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Hello Forum Pals,

I am researching a "Died of Wounds" soldier who died in Abbeville Hospital

11th May 1917. ( 45201 Pte Sidney Thompson, 44th Coy. Machine Gun Corps)

I have checked all the relevant documents on Ancestry and CWGC.

Also I have tried to track down War Diary entries relevant to this man on Ancestry 

and National Archives.

( NB: It may be my lack of skill here but I have tried my best and cannot move my research forward).

I believe 44th Coy MGC joined 15th Division (Scottish).

 12/2/16  attached to 175th Brigade, 58th Division 23/2/17 - 22/3/17.

(I confess I may be confused at this point !?)


I believe the 44th Coy MGC were attacking Guemappe ( South of Arras) on 23rd/24th April 1917 during the battle of Arras.


His Service Papers survive on Ancestry and show he was treated/attended to:

24/4/17 - 47 Field Ambulance, Gun Shot Wound Abdomen

27/4/17 - 8 Casualty Clearing Station, GSW Abdomen

Then Abbeville - 10/5/17 (?) 

I believe these entries establish his injury occurred in the attack on Guemappe, South of Arras. 

I would like to establish:

1. Which Division and Brigade he was in or attached to at the time of his death?

2. Is it likely he saw any time in the Wellington Tunnels, Arras prior to the attack ?

3. Can anyone supply any Trench Map/Sketch Map/ relevant War Diary entries for April 1917  which will help my understanding of his part in the attack on 23/24th April 1917 and with any reference to Wellington Tunnels?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated and thanks to all for taking the time

to review my request.



















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I'm not a MGC expert and there are lots here who may be but according to The Great War Medal Collectors Companion Vol 3, 44th Coy were serving in F&F by July 1917, landed Havre 9.2.16 45/Bde 15/Div 12.2.16, attached to 175/Inf Bde 58/Div 23.2.17-22.3.17. Later part of 15 machine gun battalion 15th Division.


Don't know if that helps


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The 44th Machine Gun Company was created by merging the Machine Gun Platoons of the four Infantry Battalions of the 44th Brigade, 15th Division on the 12th January 1916. This was a process that was going on throughout the British Army at that time.


See https://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/army/order-of-battle-of-divisions/15th-scottish-division/

and https://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/army/regiments-and-corps/machine-gun-corps-in-the-first-world-war/


The relevant War Diary at the National Archive should be this one:- https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7352797


Hope that helps,


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Many thanks bmbab and Peter. 
This is a real help and will be of great assistance. 
I will go to the War Diary now  and hopefully find some useful information. 
Thank you again and to all who have 

looked at my request and may still be able to add to it. 


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