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I am researching a WWI soldier who was firstly in the 5th Manchesters, and then in the 22nd. He was in the 5th in November and December 1916, and at that time was in training at Southport. From mid-January onwards he was "somewhere in France", with the 22nd Manchesters, and was serving with them when he was killed in action at Arras in May 1917.

I would be interested if anyone can give me information that might give me an idea of how this man might have moved between Southport in December, and northern France in January. Does anyone have experience or knowledge about how these transfers took place? Does the fact that he was with the 5th while training in Southport mean that all the 5th were in Southport, or were some of them at the Front? And does anyone have knowledge about how we might trace embarcation and transport of such soldiers at that time?

I'm not looking for specific information about one man, but just trying to ascertain what the general picture was, so that will give me some idea of what might have been happening to him.

Be glad to receive any advice, interest, or information.

David Quarmby

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Welcome to the Forum.

The 1/5th Manchesters had gone overseas in September 1914, so your man must have been training with the 2/5th (effectively the reserve unit). It would have been the original plan that, after training, he would join the front line unit but it was a very regular occurance that troops would be diverted to those units most in need.

In January 1917, the 1/5th were having a fairly quiet time of it in Egypt. It's no surprise , therefore, that your man found himself in one of the drafts going to the 22nd. The Battalion's War Diary would normally detail the arrival of replacement draft but wouldt record names (unless he was an officer).


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