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Torpedo Boats off Hastings


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I am in a Facebook group called 'Memories of East Sussex and Brian Prevett put this photo of torpedo boats off Hastings Beach. It looks like pre WW1 but might be during. Can anybody shed any light on this?

Torpedo boats off Hastings.jpg

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0:09 / 2:41

Torpedo Boats, 1910's -- Film 35932


I found this on you which shows similar vessels

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Judges (who are still going - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judges_Postcards) have a picture library.  I couldn't find your photo in either "Hastings" or "Hastings and District" - but there is another image  (No 1 - yours is No 5) which may be of similar age - the titles suggest there was a series.  The photographer seems to have got hmself out to the vessels in order to take them with the land in the background.  The ladies outfits look Edwardian to me.



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