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9th Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment


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I have recently found 3 photo Albums taken by my Gt Uncle Captain Alfred Christopher Pearson (known as Chris by the Family). These are on top of the 40 loose photos I had already found some years ago. These photos have decayed with age but they still show the conditions of the troops in Training at Blackdown Barracks. Their Sailing from Avonmouth to Malta, Lemos and their landing at Gallipoli. It covers his return home after being injured on 10th August 1915, Aghgl Dere Gully vicinity Kunja Dere, The Farm, Anzac. Then the photos carry on on their march to Kut, the 2nd Siege, and then up to when he was injured again on 29th March 1917. here is just some of his photos   

1 - Battalion Resting during route March

2 - Officers Resting on board H.M.T. Royal Edward

3 - Post card of H.M.T. Royal Edward which "Chris" sent to his sister Enid from Avonmouth before they sailed.

4 - Landing at Gallipoli 4th August 1915

5 - "Chris" relaxing at their encampment , Gallipoli Aug 1915

6 - On the March to Kut

7 - Trenches outside Kut - LtoR - 1 Lt Easterbrook 3 Cpt Tosswill 4 Lt Dowie

8 - Pte Giles Loading Officers Kit

9 - QMS Hubbard

10 - Field Gun outside Kut

11 - Lance Corporal Humphries trenches outside Kut

12 - I thing this may be Lt Col CH Palmer their Commanding Officer inspecting training before they left for Gallipoli - He was killed only days after they landed. picked off by a sniper.


I have also found a Notebook written in Verse by Chris which I may post extract latter.




Ian C Pearson

Clacton on Sea



ACP Photos 16c RWR Training 1914 600psi.jpg

ACP3 - Ship 1-3 300dpi.jpg

Royal Edward entering Avonmouth Card from Chris - colorised.jpg

ACP3 Ship 9-2.jpg

ACP3 Ship 17-1 Gallipoli - Lt AC Pearson.jpg

ACP2 Photos 1a RWR Regiment on the March.jpg

ACP2 Photos 7c RWR 1 Lt Easterbrook 3 Cpt Tosswill 4 Lt Dowie.jpg

ACP2 Photos 10d RWR Pte Giles Loading Officers Kit.jpg

ACP2 Photos 6a RWR QMS Hubbard.jpg

ACP2 Photos 9b RWR Field Gun outside Kut.jpg

ACP2 Photos 7d RWR Lance Corporal Humphries.jpg

ACP Photos 21d RWR Training 1914 - colourised.jpg

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