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Does Bodmin Copse still exist as a copse ?

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Good afternoon all,

I have a friend of mine whose Great Uncle was killed on 21st September 1917 at Bodmin Copse whilst fighting with the 8th Battalion Royal Hampshire Regiment. Does the copse still exist ? I am thinking it is to the south of the Menin Road not all that far from Sanctuary Wood.

My friend has never been to the Ypres Salient but, once things hopefully normalise at some point next year, he would like to visit this location.

Many thanks for any pointers,


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Bodmin Copse is largely unchanged you can easily get close to it as it’s on farmland and very quiet location.  It is as you say just just off the main Menin road. The road to Sanctuary wood comes to a dead end at the Canadian Memorial although you can get a good view over the scene from there.


Shrewsbury forest where a lot of the fighting was is still also largely intact and does have quite a few pill boxes and gun emplacements.


My Great Grandfather died there on 31st July 1917 on the first day of the 3rd battle so I have walked the land around it as part of my research.


I hope this helps and am happy to help further if I can.


David Street

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If you put the term Bodmin into tMapper you can see how it looks today:


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Thank you for this Davis and WhiteStarLine, I am passing these posts on to my friend now.

Best wishes


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