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German Uniform Question - Grenadier-zu-Pferd-Regiment Freiherr von Derfflinger Nr. 3


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A friend of mine and I are curious about the depiction of the officer of Regiment Nr. 3 by Paul Casberg as shown below:




We know their regiment facing color is pink, but have never seen a facing color so strongly displayed on a feldgrau uniform. Was this unique to Nr. 3 or is this maybe a Prussian blue uniform that's been mistakenly "colored in" as feldgrau? The Leutnant wearing a blue cap makes me think it's the latter but I'm definitely open to being corrected.


I look forward to your responses!

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What is depicted appears to be the M1915 friedensuniform (peace time uniform) which for all Dragoon Regiments was field grey with cuffs and collars in the regimental facing colour.   


I think he just made a mistake with the cap.



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I am quickly learning that you shouldn't delve to deeply into these uniforms if you want to keep your sanity! :lol: Trying to figure this out and then a Fliegertruppe uniform has my head swimming.

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This might be one for clarification by @GreyCand @The Prussian.

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Right, mates!

Here is an officer in the "Friedensrock" of Grenadier-Regiment zu Pferde Nr.3.

Note that regiment was called "mounted Grenadier-Regiment", and it was part of the dragoons, what TK mentioned before.




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