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Rescued bayonet

N White

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I really miss gunshows.  For me, one of the really enjoyable parts of collecting is digging through piles of junk looking for hidden gems.


Obviously with the events of the past year, they have not been a wise past time, if even available.  So I have turned to ebay, but there is much less to find there that slips through the cracks.  Every once in a while though...


So a few weeks back I see a listing for a Berthier Carbine bayonet. Poor thing is missing scabbard, grips, looks like it was rusted, wire wheeled, and rusted again.  Price was dirt cheap.  But once I looked at the other pictures, I decided to buy it.  For this unfortunate bayonet was 1st year production, with a spine script (like previous models, and discontinued after a very short time).


Even with shipping, it was less than $40.


Below is the before and after.  I boiled it to convert the rust and hit it with an ultra soft carding wheel.  If any of the original finish remained, that would not have hurt it, but it had clearly been overcleaned and in the white before its most recent rust.  Still, it is no longer rusting away, and cleaning revealed an anchor stamp on the crossguard which was not visible before.  I am satisfied.


Anyone have a suggestion for a suitable material to make grips from?




One more pic, comparing the spine mark with my "nice" example.


Both September 1893.


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A pleasing find there! Somwhat similar to you, I miss my bi-monthly trips out searching for things, in my case at the Antika Pazar, but fortunately a dealer keeps me in touch with what is around. I have all the three main production Berthiers and wouldn't mind one of these.   

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Nice bayonet, early Berthier with backspine engraving, the early plastic probably celluloid was used there, or You could add a wooden grips with flat larger washers on rivets for a repair.

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