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Walter Dove QM von Sanders Staff

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I am trying to confirm this officer on Sanders Staff?


Dove Walter    Maj to Col (Gen-Maj)    Genel Kurmay'da kurmay Baskani (Head of the General Staff) 3-18 to QM von Sanders Staff 8-18 Organization and transport    1918-    (1869 - ?) General staff of V. AK to Col Mission in d. Türkei 3-18 (not identified) 

Can you give any details I missed?


The inter net sends me all over but not the man I am after?




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Looks like no one knows who he is?


I did notice that he was replaced by Col to Gen-Maj Cav Lenthe Werner Eberhard Adolf Louis von 


Istanbul'da Genel Kurmay karargahi Kurmay Baskani General Friedrich Wilhelm Bronsart von Schellendorf (1914-Aralik 1917) sonra yerine General von Lenthe (Kurmay baskani Albay Dove) atanir (In Istanbul General Staff Chief of Staff General Friedrich Wilhelm Bronsart von Schellendorf (1914-December 1917) then replaced by General von Lenthe 12-16 (Chief of Staff Colonel Dove).
(1863 at Lüneburg died 28-12-42) from LtCol Küraßier-Regiment Nr 3 to Col 10th Landwehr-Brigade 1914 to Col Turkey Mission 1916 to Gen-Maj 1-17 


Dove must have slipped throw to the keeper



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No not him,


I did wonder if the name was English of the German name but Dove or Taube does not make sence either?


I looked at the known German staff to von Sanders


German Staff Officers at HQ of Yildirim - CofS Wilhelm von Dommes (G) A/CofS Maj Ludlof (G)


Staff officers Maj von Papen Lt Count von Pohler Lt Count von Kanik Lt Vedenayer

Railway officers Capt Gronevalt & Capt Fots -

Sig officers Capt Schmit & Lt Wolf -

Air officer Capt von Homskerk -

map officer Capt Andre -

HQ Co Maj von Falkenhayn -

Supply officer Dr. Yakops -

Medical Brigadier Dr Steuber -

translater Maj Kenan & Lt Ritter


Of cause officers came and went as I have others


So I looked at who were QM's or QMG in Palestine/Turkey


Bischof Albrecht (Albert) (Pasha)    LtCol (Maj Gen)    QM Ottoman GHQ Malzeme Nakliye Daire Baskani ve bu alanda ordularin Basmüfettisi (Material Transport Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff of this field army) - shown QM Ottoman GHQ 1-18 


Hochbaum Johannes     Capt (Maj)    Generalstab - CofS Ottoman General Staff 12-16 to 11-18 - shown Ottoman Quartermaster General QMG in the Turkish Grand Headquarters in Constantinople


Hülst von (Theobald)     Capt (Maj)    Deutsche Militär-Mission in der Türkei - Genel kurmay baskanliginda Kurmay baskaninin Emir subayi (The head of the General Staff) - shown Adjt to QM General at Ottoman Supreme HQ


Rohdewald August Heinrich Wilhelm (Pasha)     Col (Lt-Gen)    Deutsche Militäry Mission Türkei - Genel Kurmay 2. Baskani (General Staff 2. Head) - QMG Ottoman Heneral HQ


Sterke Kurt    (Capt)     Commissariat Secretary Ottoman General Commissariat 1st Army and later Kress's Administrative officer and QM Secretary in Palestine - Levazim dairesinde görevli Filistin'de Levazim subayi (Levazim subcontractor in Palestine)

And it looks like I have no QMG for the Yildirim during 1918 of where Dove was surpose to be?


So It looks like more to do



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Dove, born 1868.

He is listed in "On yillik harbin kadrosu 1912-1922" as Tümgeneral (Major-General) Dove, 2nd chief of staff.


In Germany he became Lt.Col. in June 18, 1915 and Colonel in April 18, 1918. If he was turkish major-general, he already had to be colonel in the german army.

So he probably became chief of staff after April 1918

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Its the first positive confirmation I've had.


Does the source give any bio details on him?





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