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Randolph S. Stewart-Yankee division-Seicheprey


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Hi, I am looking to find out about my Great grandfather Randolph S. Stewart. He was from Connecticut and was with the 26th (Yankee Division), 102nd infantry, Co D. He was injured at Seicheprey and captured. He was a POW at Darmstadt. I am looking for ANY and ALL information about him. Many thanks for the help.


p.s. Has anyone heard of a labor or concentration camp called Kelsterbach north of Darmstadt? Supposedly it was a ammo facility where prisoners were forced to work. I have read about a site cleanup after the war (1920's) from all the gas shells there. Again, ANY and ALL information appreciated.

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Connecticut seemed to obtain info from soldiers. He signed and completed a form in May 1919. This gives basic details of service. Shows wounded in right eye from shrapnel on 20/4/18 the day he was taken prisoner. Do you have ancestry access?

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58 minutes ago, DamonW said:

Don't the dropdown quotes running down from the top entry indicate he was at Seicheprey and Darmstadt?

Yes, I believe so.

The drop-down quotes in Column 5 I think refer to [I am not german-speaker but have been told as follows]:

A)} Captured

B)} Place & date

C) Previous place of residence/holding

Secheprey Darmstadt - but it is a bit vague to me without all entries being made more fully

[I would read as: Was Secheprey, then was Darmstadt, then (currently, as was) Gießen]

:-) M

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There are 5 (!) cards for him in the ICRC archives. 4 under the name of Randolph Stewart, 1 under Chester Stewart.

Search here:  https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/

Stewart / American / Military.  

Bottom 4 are for Randolph,  scroll up for Chester



Can't quite make out what it says after 1.5.18 [1st May 1918]

And there's another list : PE 182  (as Chester Stewart)


A list for Darmstadt camp, listing him as "Captured at Secheprey. Date of capture 20 april 1918. Previously held at Conflans"


That list of prisoners was sent from Darmstadt camp on 5 June 1918.



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Here is the 102nd's unit history on Fold3


This diary was written by an officer of the 102nd. I doubt it will mention your man by name but it will give some flavor to what you already know. I found it here - there are more 102nd diaries hosted there if you browse through or hit Ctrl+F in your browser and type "102." 


This interactive map is very useful and has photos, temporary cemetery locations, and location info on battlefield burials of almost every Doughboy. Though the map's man focus is the Meuse-Argonne area, Secheprey is covered by the data included. I took the liberty to center the map on your area of interest.


Happy searching!

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