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171042 George Hunt, 236 siege battalion, RGA


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I was wondering if anyone could help me find any information on my great grandfather, George Hunt. Any information would be greatly appreciated but we would especially love to get a photograph of him. We know that he was born in Dundee in 1884 and died after a gas attack in may 1918. He was with the 236th siege battalion royal Garrison Artillery and his number was 171042.

thank you for any help that you may be able to offer.


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1 hour ago, Oliver Hunt 20 said:

He was with the 236th siege battalion royal Garrison Artillery

That will be 236th Siege Battery, not battalion.

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His medal index card (MIC) bears no date of entry to a theatre of war, so he must have gone to France/Flanders after 31/12/1915.

The MIC also suggests. that his medals were returned under Para 1763 of the regulations, but for what reason, I don't know.

Perhaps to correct a mistake, or maybe his next of kin could not be found?


There is a War Diary for 236 SB, but only for the period April 1917 to February 1918, but there is no guarantee he was with them throughout this period.

If you register for free at the National Archives, you can download that diary for free.



See if you can find what Brigade/HAG RGA belonged to in February 1918,  their diary would then take over the baton.

The SB diary should give frequent locations, the HAG diaries less so, but they might mention an incident that resulted in his death in May 1918.


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His Soldiers Effects Record indicates he died at the Horton War Hospital, Epsom. His war gratuity is £3 - this indicates he served for no more than a year before he died. Buried in Cardiff

Effects record is here on ancestry

His CWGC record gives a possible address for him in Cardiff which probably explains why he is buried there.

There are 5 Pension cards for him. One gives cause of death as "Shell Gas poison and pneumonia". These are little confusing as they mention Helen his widow but also a Mrs Jane Lidderdale in Dalbeattie who seems at some stage to be looking after sons John and James plus Mrs Charlotte Davidson of Glasgow looking after daughter Jean



This image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive is him. The Cardiff address quoted is the one on his CWGC record. It is from the Daily Record 1st June 1918

The medals were returned and never re-issued. The date of return is 7/7/1923 - see rolls. One of the pension cards seems too indicate that his widow Nellie/Helen was deceased - but no date given. The carer of Jean would only have got support for her until 26/1/23 (Jean's 16th birthday) - the presence of a card for support of Jean by Charlotte Davidson heavily implies that Helen/Nellie was dead before the allowance expired. This may explain why the medals were returned as the family split up. 

Sorry no luck with a photo

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Mark notes his burial in Cardiff which suggests you should look earlier in the war diary than May 1918 allowing for him to have been evacuated to hospital in UK.  21 March 1918 is a possibility when all batteries of the brigade were subject to the initial bombardment of the German Spring Offensive which included gas.  236 Battery were deployed south of Ypres near Voormezeele.



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Hi Oliver,


From his RGA service number, it looks like George was first posted to 3 Depot (in Plymouth) in late July/early August 1917. Surviving service files for some near number men show that before following various service routes...


171037 Goodfellow - posted 3 Depot 6.8.1917

171038 Gossman - posted 3 Depot 6.8.1917

171039 Hughes - posted 3 Depot 2.8.1917


171043 Johnston - posted 3 Depot 1.8.1917

171044 Jenkins - posted 3 Depot 28.7.1917

171043 Jukes - posted 3 Depot 6.8.1917




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