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Identifying a 1905 Sword Unit Markings


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Good Day Gentlemen,


I just joined – and did my due diligence and searched the Forum… trying not to ask a redundant question.


I have beat my head on the wall trying to decipher the Unit Marking on my Sword. The markings are on both the sword and scabbard. The spine is dated “05”.




Under the “H.” appears to be a slight over stamp going down the scabbard of “R 10”

The “R 10” does not appear on the cross guard/chappe.

My guess is the scabbard is a replacement.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Sword Markings Posted.jpg

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G.A.F. is usually understood as  Garde Fussartillerie Regiment

H.M. is a new one to me - Noll describes H.M.D. as Haupt-Munitions Dept  but absent the D I am not sure if that works.

3 would I assume be the sub unit of a Fussartillerie Regt (a battery?) and the 28 would be the weapons number.


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It looks like a artillery Sabre , probably accepted into service 1905? clear is Garde Fuss Artillerie Regt, H could be Hauptdepot, Munitions kolonne Nr.3, weapon nr.28.

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