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Remembered Today:

Latest purchase & yes another hookie!!

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That is a fantastic pair. Congratulations.


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I rarely get chance to go to a gun show/ militaria Fair in last few years. I never seen a N.Z.  Rifle in real life, yet you have a few. I wish I were lucky enough to get my First one. 
And you having several “ Hookies”, I feel like a poor little upstart, peering at window at a candy store, all the wonderful goodies you must have


Great pieces, thanks for sharing


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I have noticed that on this hookie (compared to my other NZ ones) it is missing the sale mark on the pommel, there is some pitting there but not deep enough, however after posting these photos i noticed the sale mark on the blade (not on the others) there was another 5 '08 for sale on TM with the same placement of the sale mark. 




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I think one of my old early buys had a SOS mark on the blade, but I sold that on. All my bayonets are locked away at the moment to create space for my younger son and his on-line classes - I had to surrender my bayonet and study room... :( or should it be :hypocrite:?


I have recently passed over the opportunity to buy three HQ's here, a couple with 'N' marks - inflation is horrible, the Turkish lira has lost 30% of its value in the past 12 months, and taxes on petrol, beer(!!!), food, keep going up. And, well, I mustn't be greedy... I already have 8 or so (including an NZexample). I think I have photographs of the three I passed over which I'll post if I can find them and get a chance!

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