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Photo Identification from a captured film in East Africa

Holger Kotthaus

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When I reread an old book, I noticed the following in some photos:

`Captured film´. Based on the motifs, I suspect it was a British film.

I have attached some photos that should actually be helpful for identification.


Um Ostafrika”, Erinnerungen von Charlotte und Ludwig Deppe, Dresden 1925


Can anyone identify the first four photos from a British film?

Are there any other background information about this film?



(First photo is particularly interesting. It shows one of the four German guns,

10,5-cm light Field-howitzer L/16 Modell 98/08 Krupp, which arrived on 16.

March 1916 with the blockade runner “Marie” the GEA coast.)


01_Captured Gun in GEA

01_Captured Gun in GEA.png

02_Portugiese Carrier in PEA

02_Portugiese Carrier in PEA.png

03_Portugiese Villlage

03_Portugiese Villlage.png

04_British Troop transporter

04_British Troop transporter .png

05_Schutztruppe crossed Lurio in PEA

(This photo is clearly marked as own photo.)

05_Schutztruppe crossed Lurio in PEA.png

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