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Private 7409 Thomas Ford

Sean Lawson

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I have recently been researching details of Private Thomas Ford 7409 of 2nd Btn Duke of Wellington Regiment. Thomas was killed in action France 23/10/14.

I have learnt much of his personal . He is my great grandfather and came from Leeds.

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The researchers here are absolutely amazing and one will be by soon to get you started. However, to help everyone out it would be best to tell us everything you do know about Thomas (military and otherwise) so folks aren't searching for information you already have.





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Hi Sean,

Welcome to the forum. Thomas was researched in 2008 and 2017 but unfortunately the previous posts seem to have disappeared and Diane 4112 the member has not been on the forum since 2017. His medal index card is on Ancestry.  https://www.ancestry.co.uk/imageviewer/collections/1262/images/30850_A000553-02634?treeid=&personid=&hintid=&queryId=560a7689634229acba9dc638672611c0&usePUB=true&_phsrc=iyp8213&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true&pId=5341700

His service records are here,.....https://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=1219&h=704946&tid=&pid=&queryId=7d29d1f7af51168ed3c253af7731fef3&usePUB=true&_phsrc=iyp8214&_phstart=successSource

Regards Barry

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A very warm welcome to GWF


A Pension card at the WFA/Fold3 has as follows; for Thomas FORD 7409


Elvina b.6.5.1880


Lilian b.30.6.1902

Elsie: b.16.1.1907

William b.8.9.1910

Nellie b.5.5.1913

Thomas b.11.11.1914


27/-pw from 17.5.1915 - which was 'Noted for Novel' [special treatment/calculation - likely because she was over 35 so as an older woman will have got a supplement to the standard pension and will have had subsequently changes/reduced as the children each reached 16yo (normally - or died/left her house - sometimes an up to/c.5y extension beyond 16 if special educational circumstances, but no record on card of that)] - she will normally have had a Separation Allowance, similar to that when her husband was serving and deemed last alive - until officially confirmed dead or missing & presumed dead - thus typically for an additional initial 26w after death/up to 30w in total after missing & presumed dead (which added 4w) - until/when the pension kicked in - sadly the main pension file is seemingly long lost, like the majority.


Good luck with your search(s)/research.

:-) M


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Thank you very much for that information. Having the full  DOB’s for all the children is extremely helpful as previously I had some gaps there.

Ny grandmother was his second born Elsie. A beautifully warm, kind loving woman.

I have noticed there has been queries on here about Thomas from other people....dating back years. Possibly hitherto unknown relatives of mine.

It’s reassuring to know that due consideration was made towards my great grandmother re enhanced pension. 27/ pw? Would this be 27 pence/ shillings    per week?

From the information you have kindly provided there is one particular detail that stands out....When her husband was killed she was pregnant, giving birth to Thomas jnr just two weeks after her husband’s death 😢. I wonder at what stage she would have received official notice of her husband’s loss? It is very sad.

There is a memorial in City Centre of Leeds with Leeds men killed in The Great War....Thomas is on it.


Thank you.


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Glad the children's DoB helped - yes very sad overall - hopefully the arrival of little Thomas was a bit of joy - but another mouth to feed - out of what was generally not a very generous set of pension arrangements for her/most widows

1 hour ago, Sean Lawson said:

27/ pw? Would this be 27 pence/ shillings    per week?

27/- = 27s 0d = 27s = 27 shillings [exact - no pennies/pence recorded on the pension card]

:-) M

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Thanks for that information.


Below is an image of Private Thomas Ford.

Looks to be in uniform. Not sure the make up of this picture as it does not quite appear to be a photograph....but slightly sketched.

Image below is memorial in a courtyard in Merrion Way Leeds.





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