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C E F War Diaries August 1918


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Thank you ajsmith 

58th Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force Summer 1916


Having found War Diary references on TNA for other research, finding a reference to The Canadian War Diaries was really interesting.

Only just realised that my great uncle only arrived in France in March 1918 before k-in-a August 1918.


I think I'm on the right track trying to link casualty details for him (Charles Arthur CLAXTON) with the correct War Diary entries, I appreciate he won't be named but would like an idea of events leading up to his death. So I'm hoping I'm looking in the correct place for events in August 1918. 




Any further guidance appreciated.



Casualty details .jpg

War Diary.png

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If you could post the War Diary page for 30 August it would help as this was the day that your subject was wounded and died of his wounds 5 days later in the Canadian Field Ambulance. The Battle of the Scarpe, 26-30 August 1918, included the Canadian Corps of which 13 Battalion CEF was a part of 3 Infantry Brigade of 1 Canadian Division. On the day some of the Corps were clearing trenches at Fresnes-Rouvroy, the 13 Battalion Diary page should be more specific about it's objectives and positions at that time.

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If I have the correct pages....


I think it records 10 O.R. wounded - 4 O.R. killed.


Just raises more questions...


Would there be Casualty Lists??? 

References MAP??


War Diary 28th 29th August.png

War Diary 30th 31st Aug.png

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12 hours ago, JOVE23 said:

you might want to pull up appendix 19A to get the attached sketch


Thank you will do - think I found it - love the colour key :)


Found really helpful '... a general map of the battle zone' on http://www.webmatters.net/txtpat/index.php?id=645


Also accessed 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance Diary - he was possibly taken to Hospice St Jean, Arras


Field Ambulance August 1918 Page 11.png

Field Ambulance September 1918 Page 3.png

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