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Help required with Royal Navy service record for my grandfather


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This is my first post, thanks for letting me join the forum.


I am trying to decipher my maternal grandfather John Robertson's service record from 1918-19. I have done some research, which I have attached along with an extract of his record. I understood from the Shetland Roll of Honour 1914-19 that he served as as a Seaman, on H.M. Minesweeper "Full Moon." This book was produced in 1920 and used information supplied by service men or their families.  


I would appreciate a forum member having a look through my research notes to see if I have interpreted his record correctly.


After 3 months at Pembroke, which I assume is for a period of training he was posted to "Full Moon (Nairn) from Pem I" on 3.7.18 and then posted again to "Halcyon II from Nairn (H.T. Full Moon)" on 12.7.18.  I am trying to understand which ships he was on and when, as there are 3 names combined on one entry per his service record.


Also, there are no entries in the final 6 months of his service from 1.1.19 to 1.7.19, can anyone shed some light on this too.


Thanks for your assistance.


Reseacrh note John Robertson WW1 service.pdf

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The Admiralty drifter FULL MOON was the boat in which he served as a deck hand.

HMS NAIRN was the Aberdeen/Peterhead shore base and parent ship for support, pay and administration for boats of the Auxiliary Patrol. HMS HALCYON was, similarly, the Lowestoft shore base and parent ship for support, pay and administration.

Notes 4 and 5 in your service summary contain redundant material because all they do is identify two of several boats which were the nominated commissioned ships/boats for NAIRN and HALCYON. Every shore base had such a commissioned boat but the boats you identify played no part in his service. Al you need to record is that he was borne on the books of the two shore bases while serving in FULL MOON. The identities of their nominal ships are of no relevance.


His service from Jan to Jul 1919 was probably ashore in the Lowestoft base - not in FULL MOON, nor in the nominated boat.

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