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My ERA Pattern 14 Enfield


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Im trying to find out what date the Pattern 14 enfield I own was manufactured/accepted.


The serial number for it is 590279 and it was made by Eddystone Remington Arsenal 


Thanks in advance20201116_181319.jpg.315ad0b75c09d41a5ee1fcc24811d0b5.jpg


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If you have a look under the handguard the barrel will probably be dated.

Subject to my ability to read the tables correctly and do a bit of subtraction in my head I believe ERA 590279 was accepted by British Inspectors in the week ending 16th June 1917 making it very late in the production cycle -just two weeks before production at Remington Eddystone ceased and the plant converted to the US Rifle .30 M1917 production



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Thank you very much, your info is much appreciated.


Is there anywhere that I can find records of the rifle and where/who it went to or is that lost to history?

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately except in very unusual (usually one off) circumstances it is not possible to trace the use/history of an individual rifle.


Actually the vast majority of Pattern 14 rifles went straight into store in the UK because by the time the production came on-line (esp by 1917) the shortage that had prompted the contract was over and ShtLE production had caught up. Some were used in training units in the UK (Some were sent directly to India). Inter-war significant numbers were sold to the Baltic states. In the late 1930s very large numbers were removed from stores, cleaned up/repaired and modified (volley sight removed) and issued mostly to Home Guard (LDV) units in 1940/41 where they continued in use for the rest of the war.  Statistically Store >Weedon Repair Program > WWII Home Guard issue is probably the most statistically likely history of your rifle.



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