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John Samuel Bingham Snr. RFA?


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This is my second enquiry request for help and this relates to my Great Grandfather John Samuel Bingham. Born 4 April 1870. Lyng Lane West Bromwich. 


I hope you can help and I will be truly grateful.


John enlisted into Royal artillery on 6 December 1887. Service Number: He was based at Turnchapel Devon I think it was a fort over looking Devonport harbour?  He married Louisa Phillips in West Bromwich December 1888 whilst serving. His first son John Samuel Bingham was born in West Bromwich  (I have placed an enquiry about him being in KRRC) But my Grandfather George Thomas Bingham was born at Turnchapel Fort on 28 July 1893.  On leaving the RA on 2 December 1899 he returned with his family to West Bromwich. 


Whilst researching my Great Uncle and My Grandfather George Thomas I found a medal record for John Samuel Bingham. 

John Samuel Bingham 906341 Dvr/LBdr. ,32 RFA T RFA 174b TF 17080 Victory & British Medal. 


Would this have been my Great Grandfather as he would have been 44yrs old at the start of the war?  


Finally, My father and Aunt always stated my Grandfather George Thomas Bingham B 1893, served in the War also in RA but was home by early 1917. Alas my father and his siblings had very little to do with him, as he was prone to violent outbursts, so they lived with their mothers Aunt and family. His wife Margaret McQuead Bingham said he was never the man I married prior to him joining up. But she never said anything more. She stayed with him throughout the marriage. 


I have looked for records relating to my Grandfather but all have shed no light on his service. 


Thank you.

Steve Bingham



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