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Brick Wall again::::French Red Cross lady awarded Serb Gold medal of Zeal


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Once again I am at the brick wall. On my database I have a Letitia Rushford awarded a Serbian Gold Medal for Zealous Service under File: FO 372/1815 Decorations: Jugoslavia 1921.

I cannot find any Letitia Rushford on FMP, BRCS search or Ancestry.

I can find a Letitia Rushforth on all three sites


The Letitia Rushforth served in Macedonia with the Scottish Women's Hospital from July 1918. She also served with the following;

RUSHFORTH Miss Letitia, Orderly, America Unit, 23-Jul-18 13-Nov-19. Also Known as the “Ostrovo Unit.
RUSHFORTH Miss Letitia, Orderly, Girton Newnham, 1-Oct-19 to 1-Nov-19 and   1-Feb-20 to 1-Apr-20.

Also research has the following on her


Born, Bradford, Yorkshire, 1878.

Mother (also Letitia Rushforth) died 14 Feb 1901 leaving an estate of £446 6s 2p.

1901 Census states “Living on Own Means” Other sources state she could also drive.

1911 Census states Occupation “Actress” have found numerous newspaper cuttings re acting.

26 Jun 1912, departed Liverpool, England as a passenger aboard “LAKE CHAMPLAIN” for Quebec, Canada.

28 Jan 1921, depart London, England as passenger, Occupation, Nurse, for Bombay, India aboard “DONGOLA”.

12 Feb 1923 arrived at London, England aboard “BARRABOOL” from Sydney, Australia, via Cape Town.

6 Jun 1925, depart London, England as a passenger, aboard “UMVOLOSI”.

1930 Electoral Register has her living at 43 Penywern Road, Kensington.

3 Dec 1931, departs London, England aboard “LLANDAFF CASTLE” for Natal.

Died, 29 Mar 1942 and buried at Hollington, Sussex on 1 Apr 1942.


Are these two ladies the same or not, was it a clerk writing Rushford instead of Rushforth.

I can usually research award recipients quite well, but this has me stumped.


Any help appreciated very much.





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I know very little of languages. However wouldn't an original Serbian list have been written in a Cyrillic script?  If so it might make a transcription error more likely?


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On 04/11/2020 at 05:31, travers61 said:

She left a will (admin to Henry Rushforth, a timber merchant) , available here for £ 1.50. Perhaps she mentioned her medals in the will.


Hi Travers

When I click on the link it comes up as ERROR. When I do a search myself it comes up as NO RESULT.

Can you suggest how I can access the will another way please.




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It’s a probate record.


When in the link, change to Wills and Probate 1858 to 1996.


It brings up the probate record. It mentions “with will” in brackets.


Where the Will is? No idea.

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I also get an error message from the link, so on the error screen click on "Search", change to 1858 to 1996 & enter her details.


The will & admin will arrive by email so saves scanning !


When I started family history it was a pleasure looking up wills at Somerset House & walking out with a copy a few hours later.  You even got to walk past the Civil Service Rifles memorial each time. From 2014 older wills are stored somewhere by Iron Mountain on authority of Min of Justice/Probate Service.

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