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Remembered Today:

What are you doing on 11th November??


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  • Nipped along the road to Douglas Bank Cemetery near Rosyth for approx 1030.
  • Watched a live broadcast on my 'phone of a short remembrance service from the Royal College of Music in London. The names of all their fallen were read out, including Albert Midgley, a former pupil of Perth Academy.
  • Met a gentleman and his wife and I was able to help them locate the grave of a Royal Navy Diver who they wanted to visit.
  • Met a fellow "ex-matelot" who lives locally and who felt that this was the place he wanted to be on remembrance day.
  • Shared the two minute silence with these three total strangers and then had a socially-distanced blether and shared a few "dits".
  • Took photos,
  • Posted a few photos on twitter.
  • Picked up my granddaughter Abbie after school and she asked if we could visit "our Catherine" a WW1 nurse in Dunfermline Cemetery.

No pomp or ceremony but an exceptional day and one I'll remember for a long time to come.


First batch of photos Marilyne - another PDF to follow. Bear went with me, and no apologies for the "proud grandad" photos.




Douglas Bank photos 1.pdf

Second batch of photos.



Douglas Bank photos 2.pdf

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End of the day... a toast... 




And Boyfriend saying he want to go back to Scotland... for nice sights, a wee drop and... millionaire's shortbread!! 



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Millionaires shortbread - now you're talking!


A wee drop!

VE Day photo but raising a virtual glass to all our brave boys and girls as Remembrance Day 2020 draws to a close. A Remembrance Day like no other.


Slàinte mhath (slan-ge-var)


VE Day.jpg

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I had an unavoidable long drive today, I did stop on the heights outside Bath for a silence finished with a mug of hot tea. I did manage to get home via Freshwater West... and a break in the weather just before sunset.



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Gorgeous view JW.



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  • Admin

I pulled over into currys/PC world car park to observe the silence on my drive in to work 

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On 01/11/2020 at 13:31, michaeldr said:

Just this morning heard via WhatsAp that there will be a small gathering at our local CWGC cemetery: max 20 people as per local regs (no names – no pack drill)

Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan


And indeed, all did go according to plan.

My thanks to Eran of this forum for organising the event. A few moments of respect, including the Silence, Binyon's immortal words and then wreath laying; simple and dignified.

See the the Gallipoli Association's Facebook page for a few stills from the event

and the page of The Association for the Heritage of the First World War in Israel here https://www.facebook.com/WWIinIsrael/


The rest of the two hour tour took us around the Great War graves in Ramleh CWGC Cemetery, with stories related to individuals buried there.


A great way to pay respect and to learn

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@DoubleD I see your book was also very fittingly open on Mabel Lee Milne. 

Have visited her last year. ... foggy day. 



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Sorry, I should have said!


Yes, I opened it at a number of different pages and took photos to send to a relevant family member or someone who has a particular connection with the the name in the book. Mabel was for you because I knew you'd visited her and also because of your ongoing project. I also sent it to a couple of friends at St Matthew's Church in Perth where Mabel is commemorated on the war memorial. To us she's "Our Mabel".


You may also have spotted that the book is resting on a cushion covered in Black Watch Tartan material in honour of our local Regiment.






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