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a circular greeting to the forum ... and now I would like to ask you if you know this brand of English binoculars ... I own one, precisely and the “KENT” 12x40 “Ross” model.  It has a dirty right eyepiece on the inside ... can someone tell me how to open it?

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Welcome to the forum!

Do you know if these binos have a 'WD' and a broad arrow stamp?

Also, are they even of the Great War period?

The experts should be along shortly.





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I know very little of this type of binocular, but all the Ross Kent 12 x 40s I've seen were 1950s- 60s models and thus out of period scope for this forum.


I've taken a gander at Google images in hope of seeing radial securing screws in the eypiece knurled rings, but I'm now fairly convinced there are none. However, there's a twin-slotted ring around the eye lens mount itself, for which you'll need to buy, find or make a fork-end screwdriver to undo, and which will probably serve as a starting point. The binos might well be nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging, so make sure the entire RH barrel isn't fogged before doing any dismantling. If it isn't, do the minimal amount of dismantling to clean the fogged lens. 


But it's more than likely some seal's failed somewhere and you'll need to send them to a professional repairer. I've dismantled and repaired some of my own but I wouldn't risk anybody else's .... :o:D

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I am sorry Erasmo this is the The Great War Forum

The forum only discusses Great War items  and queries

The binoculars you have were made after the second world war by Kent an employer of Ross’s

Therefore outside of our time period so the subject is off topic


Regards Ray

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As it's outside of our time period I'll lock those thread.

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