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Cambridge War Memorial - Kenneth Hamilton

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Hi Everyone,


I'm looking for information about Kenneth Hamilton - an undergraduate from Christ's College Cambridge who was the model for the Canadian sculptor Robert Tait McKenzie's Cambridge War Memorial https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridge_War_Memorial


Christ's have said that he later became a Lt Col but I can't find any further information about, i.e. did he serve in the Second World War, who was he and what happened to him. There may be little info on him but if anyone does know who this Kenneth Hamilton was I would be interested in hearing what others can find on the forum.


Many thanks.



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A little more from my own research this evening.


Kenneth Hamilton was actually a C. K. Hamilton - but I don't know what the 'C' stands for. He matriculated in 1919 and completed a BA at Cambridge and MA in 1928. He was then made Adjutant of the the Cambridge U.O.T.C. in 1929.


From the London Gazette - 'Lt. C.- K. Hamilton, R.A., to be Adjt. (attd. to Gen. Staff), Cambridge Univ. O.T.C. 9th Dec. 1929.'


From the London Gazette I've been able to follow him in 1929/30, 1947 and 1956 so only years before and shortly after the end of the Second World War.


By 1946 he held the rank of Major but was made an honorary Lt-Col. He retired in 1946 and was no longer of the reserve list of officers by 1956.


So what did he do in the Second World War?

What does the 'C' stand for in his first name?

Was his day job in military adminstration?









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