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Kurt Schwabe in German SWA 1893


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I was trying to confirm if these were the same man?


Schwabe Kurt    Maj (LtCol)     MMD (Military Mediterranean Division) to German Asia Corps Palestine as Div commander - Filistin'de (in Palestine) Div Commander (unknown what Div?)    1915-17    in his book Liman refused to employ him in 1915 shown in book by Klaus Wolf

possibly Capt in German SWA 1893 at battle of Hornkranz 


I can't confirm if they are the same man, or any details on Kurt Schwabe?


Any ideas are welcome



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Looks like it


here is Kurd (or Curd) Schwabe



And excerpts from


(Use Google translate for the rest of the article. Curd was well-travelled)



and was commissioned in 1893 by the colonial department of the Foreign Office to lead a contingent of 220 protection troops to reinforce Captain Curt von François' team to German South West Africa. There he took part in the attack on Hoornkrans on April 12th, 1893, at that time with the rank of lieutenant, and for a while he was appointed station chief of Swakopmund as the successor to the blind Prime Lieutenant Franz Vollrath Karl Wilhelm Joseph von Bülow.





With the outbreak of the First World War, Curd Schwabe was assigned to the Marine Corps Flanders, then served in the Grand Headquarters and was entrusted with the management of a German military mission in the allied Turkey. As leader of a camel rider troop he was involved in a military advance against the Suez Canal. When this failed, Kurd Schwabe was appointed Imperial Ottoman Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the 47th Turkish infantry division on the Palestine front. There he fell ill with infectious jaundice and, unfit for field service, was employed as an inspector of the prisoner-of-war camps in Romania, where he saw the end of the war in the staff of the von Mackensen Army Group.


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Mate many thanks for that detailed story of him.


I did notice that Ottomans give


Sites give these officers commanding the 47th Div

Col Tevfik Bey to  
Col Süleyman Fethi Bey 1917 to Germany illness 1917 returned date? later KIA 15-5-19 murdered by Greeks in Smyrna


So when did Schwabe command this Div?


Possibly when Fethi was sent to Germany from illness, or before he took command from Tevfik?


Any ideas



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5 hours ago, JWK said:

As leader of a camel rider troop he was involved in a military advance against the Suez Canal.


Maybe if you can figure out the date of that advance against the Suez Canal you get to somewhere near the date he took over command?

Sorry, can't help. All info, and all the books he wrote, seem to be focused on his time in Namibia.

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Possibly either the April or Aug 1916 advance across the Sinai 


He is not mention in any works unlike other German officers (Bischoff Josef (Pasha) and Mühlmann Carl) who commanded Ottoman Camel units?


Since the 47th Div was in the Caucasus (4th Corps 2nd Army) during 1916 and moved down to Izmir around July 1917 and into Palestine late 1918


I am at a lost when he took command or did he command as many German officers were Co Commanders under the Ottoman commander.


Needs more checking so a fun day.


Thanks again



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https://www.namibiana.de/namibia-information/who-is-who/autoren/infos-zur-person/kurd-schwabe.html is an internet-only bookstore.

Maybe if you contact them they may lead you to someone who knows more?

Their contactaddresss is to be found under "Startseite" (Homepage) top left, and then scroll right down to bottom right "Impressum".

E-mail address is under Kontakt


ps: under www.namibiana.de and then the English version of the website I can't find an e-mail address! Only a contact-form.


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