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Remembered Today:

Irish military museum turned down


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Article to similar effect in News Letter this morning (Friday) - total disgrace.

Letter to the Editor on the way.

No doubt many people have witnessed the spending of ludicrous amounts of money on 'watershed' Lottery projects - we have a perfect example of one monstrosity in Ballymena which is called the 'ecos centre' - note the trendy lower case 'e'.

This Stalinist disaster was built at a cost of many millions of pounds ... part lottery/other grant aid/ratepayers' cash. It has been a disaster in terms of public interest. It is a laughing stock in this town and visitor numbers are negligible.

Thus good money down a drain.

It is my firm opinion that a military museum would be a major attraction in any town. Wee boys will always be enthralled by war - human nature. And some 'wee girls' as well in case I get a kicking from the Forum Females!!!

Educationally, I think it would be a winner too.

Yet this esteemed Museums body says there is no basis for providing a central military museum?

My response to the News Letter story, will, of course, be penned in a much more fluent fashion.



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I'm with on that, Des. (Send me/us a cc of your note to the News-Letter, eh?) I've found pockets of dedicated & avid historians in Northern Ireland ... many in tandem with the historical journals (e.g., Duiche Neill).

First thing I did, when visiting Portadown and Kilrea, was head for the war memorials. Didn't find one in Caledon, though ... wonder why there isn't one there ... ?


p.s. Just mentioning the places where Mum's people came from, so admittedly a biased sample ;-).

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