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Erratic A & SH battalion transfers


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Researching John D McNaughton trying to figure out when he served in various Argyll and Sutherland Highlander battalions. He served with the 14th, 11th and 1/5th Battalions but has no surviving service record and I am having difficulty finding anyone who followed the same path. As you can see on the attached images, soldiers from this regiment seem to have been transferred to various different battalions with apparently no rhyme or reason to it. I cannot find one soldier who follwed the same route 14th to 11th to 1/5th Battalion though there seems to be every other combination. Any idea what is going on in this regiment and how might I narrow down the search for a soldier who followed a similar path?


VM & BWM Roll



John D McNaughton 1.JPG

John D McNaughton 2.JPG

John D McNaughton 3.JPG

John D McNaughton 4.JPG

John D McNaughton 5.JPG

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There was an earlier thread of mine on this soldier but I can't find it in the new search and the URL I copied takes me to somewhere that no longer exists Click


There was very useful information from Forum members Ken, and Jim Lang


"The 14th Battalion was reduced to cadre in April 1918. The war diary shows that on the 7th April 11 officers and 220 ORs went to Reinforcement Depot 15th Division (11th Battalion). When that Battalion was reduced to cadre.So possibly went from 14th battalion to 11th battalion around this date. "


If anyone can find this thread I would be grateful but a search for variations of the text leads to another dead end attached.


There was a mention of him being wounded in a large list of wounded in The Scotsman 28/5/1917 but no battalion given.





John D McNaughton wounded.JPG

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OK after a bit of application, I now know he was slightly wounded but 'at duty' on the 26th of April 1917, serving with the 14th Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, I even know which company he was in. I think I deserve a cup of tea, then onwards.



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