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Remembered Today:

KOYLI 2nd or 8th Bn Private George Botwright no 13923


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1341057327_GeorgeBotwrightcentreseated.jpg.dc90453b1d519cd8313a6950d1d52913.jpg1341057327_GeorgeBotwrightcentreseated.jpg.dc90453b1d519cd8313a6950d1d52913.jpgHi from a new member researching my great grandfather, George Botwright who raised me as a child.


I have been scouring records but not coming up with much, which may be because his surname was incorrectly spelled at Boatwright, at one point (MM).


I have several records, including one of his paybooks with places in it he would have been at, but can not trace them, except Fleuri. Wondering if this is because they no longer exist, like Fleuri.


Entries for August/Sept 1915 signed by Capt G.H Pyman, who I see later served in 8th Bn. Then B H Huly (Leut) H Willey (capt), JW Harris and GH Kerraghan.


The places names look like:




Jesus Farm

Le XXX Cormel




I've attached a picture of it.


Date of attestation is 7th Sept 1914.


I haven't yet been to the KOYLI museum. I have contacted but they were closed and then we had lockdown.


I also have a copy of the certificate for his MM where his name is listed with many ANZAC soldiers - would this mean anything about where he earnt it?


His pay book lists him as 8th (service) Bn but his MM references 2nd Bn date of gazette 11.2.19.


I'm also wondering why he enlisted with KOYLI, being a Londoner and living there?


Is there a good book on KOYLI I could buy that would give details or can anyone else advise pls.


I have photos of him and would recognise in old pics I think, from growing up with him.


Many thanks




George paybook.jpg

George Botwright seated front arms crossed with KOYLI men.jpg

George Botwright 1.jpg

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I had a look in the war diary and managed to match a few of them.


Judherque         -  Zutkerque

Ouedersdeen     - Oultersteen (was near Merris)

Fleurie                - 

Jesus Farm          - This was a camp 1 ¾ miles from Erquinghem on north side of River Lys.

Le XXX Cormel   - Le Croix ??

Tailly                   - Sailly

Feld                     - In the field


You can download the war diary for free, by registering here - https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7353267


It only goes from arrival in France in 1915 up to late 1917 when they went to Italy.

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I have been researching the 8th bn KOYLI for years and have details on over 2,700 men and officers who served in 1914-19 of which George Botwright in one.  If you want to get in touch feel free to do so.   

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Guest means that the OP is no longer a member, and we won’t hold any contact information for them. 

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