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Remembered Today:

The trial of Chlorine Gas held in Runcorn 1915.

Sgt Stripes

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Hi. Looking for any information on  a large scale  trial of Chlorine Gas held in Runcorn, Cheshire June 4 1915. The only bit of information i have is this " The Castner Kellner alkali  company, the only firm in Britain capable of manufacturing Chlorine Gases in quantity, supervised trials with a final large scale one taking place at Runcorn, 14 June 1915". Thank you 

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A few clips from July 1915 talk about the invention of a chlorine respirator rather than the large scale production, plus the retirement in 1947 of one of C-K's star men.




From the BNA




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Sgt. Stripes,


Here are the relevant pages from GAS! The Story of the Special Brigade, by C.H. Foulkes, p. 42-4.

NB June 4th, not 14th.





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That's absolutely brilliant. Many Thanks for this information. Worked there in the cell rooms for 47years and only found out about this Sunday.     

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I’m amazed that, if, as I interpret it, men were regularly exposed to chlorine at work in pre-war days, the soldiers of early 1915 could only be advised to urinate on a bit of cloth! 
PS I note the use of the male version of the word “employees“. Real pedantry!:thumbsup:

PPS Health and Safety rules seem to have been non existent in the field tests!:o


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I have seen old Black and white photographs from the time of the Great war of men in the cell rooms wearing suites and ties with bowler hats on..  Even when I got gassed in the 1970s and they took you to the medical center you only got a cup of Tea with lots of sugar. Things did change in the 1980s. 

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