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Help Find 63rd Northumberland Division Signal Company Diary


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Hi All,


I'm following on from the information and help that was given in a previous thread (linked) and was wondering if anyone can help me find the diary for the 63rd (Northumbrian Division) Signal Company.


I have looked on the National Archives website but always struggle finding diaries like this.


Thanks for the help,





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This links to 63rd (Royal Naval Division) Signal Company.  63rd (Northumbrian Division) Signal Company (aka 2nd Northumbrian Divisional Signals Company per LLT)   had nothing to do with the 63rd RND and was part of the 63rd (2nd Northumbrian) Division which never went abroad. No war = no war diary?

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Thanks a lot for that Terry.


Horatio2 I hadn't realised that.


It seems wierd that he was a Sgt in the 2/5th Northumberland Fusiliers and then a few weeks after signing to say he is willing to go overseas he transfered into the 63rd (Northumbrian Division) Signal Company, dropped down to a LCpl to do it and then still doesn't get to go overseas.


I wonder if he knew they weren't going to France or did he transfer thinking they were about to go.


Thanks a lot for the help, at least I know why I couldn't find the diary now.



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