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Remembered Today:

O.A.D. Abbreviation- Stands for?


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Could you give the context? One thought, misspelled AOD (Absent On Duty).

Addition: Or Army Ordnance Department.

Addition 2: Aha! - Ordered to Active Duty. See here (but a US document).


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It’s definitely O A D and is used in conjunction with GHQ and a number of documents relating to the Fourth Army. For example: 




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Fairly certain it’s O.A.D.


I am looking for this document from an article about the 36 Division by Peter Simkins9AF7F143-283A-48CF-BBE4-61136B4D0BDE.jpeg.1af96aa6ba90952f5a5c9e377f5dc241.jpeg9AF7F143-283A-48CF-BBE4-61136B4D0BDE.jpeg.1af96aa6ba90952f5a5c9e377f5dc241.jpeg9AF7F143-283A-48CF-BBE4-61136B4D0BDE.jpeg.1af96aa6ba90952f5a5c9e377f5dc241.jpeg

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