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HMS Effort? Lowestoft


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I wonder if anyone could confirm that "Effort" was indeed HMS and a base for the Lowestoft trawler fleet? I have a man who enrolled into the RNR there and was posted to "Effort" for just a few days before being moved on. I can't find a reference to it anywhere. 

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I checked "Shore Establishments of the RN", not noted therein.


Horatio may know when he picks up on this..



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HMD EFFORT was taken up by the Admiralty on 1 Feb 1915 and spent ten days fitting-out at the Lowestoft Base (HMS HALCYON) before moving to :Lough Larne on 11 Feb 1915, where she was parented by HMS VALIANT II. The parenting task at Larne was taken over by HMS HERMIONE on 1 Jun 1915,  by HMS THETIS on 1 Jan 1916 and by HMS VIGOROUS on 5 Jan 1918. EFFORT was based at Larne throughout. On 10 Mar 1918 EFFORT was transferred to the Inverness base where the parent ship was HMS LAVATERA. EFFORT became the base nominal ship at Inverness and took the HMS LAVATERA name. HMD EFFORT (LAVATERA) was paid off on 12 Aug 1919.

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