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Submarine Scout Airship at Dardanelles


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Quote from The Diaries of Pte Horace Bruckshaw Royal Marine Light Infantry 1915-116

edited by Martin Middlebrook, Scolar Press, London, 1979 [ISBN 0 85967 489 4]


p.83 – Sunday October 10th, 1915

“Our new airship was up this morning. I have not seen it before....”


I suspect that this was SS3, based at Imbros.

Writing in Cross & Cockade Vol.38, No.2 2007, Mick Davis has it making its first flight in this theatre on 13th September 1915. A little later however he goes on to say that in the Aegean, during the war as a whole, there served SS3, 7, 8, 17, 19 & 43


Can someone confirm that on 10th Oct 1915 it was indeed SS3 which was flying over the peninsula


Thanks in advance



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I see that Ces Mowthorpe's book 'Battlebags' [Alan Sutton Publishing, 1995, ISBN 0-7509-0989-7] has another airship also in theatre on this date


SS-7 ... BE.2c car. Arrived Imbros-Kassandra 13 September 1915 as a part of the Airships Expeditionary Force. Carried out artillery spotting for HMS Venerable and HMS Talbot 25/6 September 1915.


So, … SS-3 or SS-7 over the peninsula on 10th October 1915?




Thanks for your interest


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My understanding is that only one airship was erected at Imbros, but I could be wrong!


This is not definitive but I checked contemporary reports on operations. They reference 'the airship' suggesting the writer expected no confusion as to which carried out the flight.


9-15 September
One airship has been erected and tested in the air.

15-21 September
Airship no. 7 has undertaken several short experimental flights...

22-28 September
...some useful flights have been carried out (W/T and spotting flights)...

Week ending 5 October
The airship carried out ten patrols in the area IMBROS, LEMNOS, STRATI-MITYLINI, RABBIT ISLAND, and spent a total of 39 hours and 51 mins in the air.

Week ending 12 October
The airship carried out 7 submarine patrols in the area IMBROS-LEMNOS-STRATI-MITYLENE-RABBIT ISLAND, no submarines were sighted. Five test and practice flights for the training of a new pilot and to test of W/T were also carried out.

Week ending 19 October
The Airship made five short flights during the week but the weather was too unsettled for her to undertake distant work...


Source: AIR 1/361/15/228/50

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