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Padua and Vicenza May to July 1918


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I found this letter in a Service Record and was wondering if anyone would have details for events at Padua and Vicenza for the dates mentioned?





From MI 5, War Office, London S W1 to Lt Colonel C F Innes Commandant, Military Police Corps, Aldershot

July 1919 reads:

Dear Colonel Innes,

With reference to medals for service abroad for the MFP (Ports Section) employed here, several of them went out on special jobs to Italy and returned on completion of duty.

I do not know if this qualifies them for any medals or ribbons, but, in case it does, here are the names and numbers of the men, and where they went-


 P/3600 L/Cpl W Smith,

P/14354 L/Cpl G Christian,

embarked on 22nd May 1918 proceeding to Padua and Vicenza returning to England on the 1st June 1918.


 P/3600 L/Cpl W Smith,

P/3268 L/Cpl J B Jeffries.

 Left London on the 10th July, and proceeded to the Aerodrome near Vicenza, returning to London on the 20th July 1918.

They were in charge of certain very confidential packages to the Headquarters of the British Expeditionary Force in Italy.

Yours sincerely G.M. Ormerod. (Lieutenant Colonel George Milner Ormerod, Royal Field Artillery, DSO. Attached G-P Branch MI5)

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Both Padua and Vicenza were a fair distance behind the Piave front, but were important communication hubs. The first dates mentioned was a quiet time a few weeks before the 2nd Battle of the Piave, the second dates mentioned fall between the 2nd  Piave and the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. If they were going to a British airfield near Vicenza it may have been Sarcedo, about 12 miles north of Vicenza and about 20 miles behind the lines of the Montello sector. 

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I came across this the other day, painted by Martin Hardie at the Vicenza aerodrome in 1918.


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