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Commander (Saxon) Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 100 (23rd Div) Western Front 1918


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I saw a note to say this man was commander GR 100 on the western Front. Do you have and other details on this man?


Potschernik    Maj (LtCol) to (Col)     Traffic officer Ottoman GHQ - Ordular Ulasim isleri Basmüfettisi (Army Transportation Manager) - Ulasim Daire Baskani ve Ulusim isleri Basmüfettisi (Director of Transportation and Director of Transportation) - shown Inspector General of Turkish Military Transport    1914-18    (not identified) RTG to LtCol CO (Saxon) Leib-Grenadier-Regiment Nr 100 (23rd Div) Western Front 1918 shown in book by Klaus Wolf

The ranks (in brackets) are Ottoman ranks while he was in Turkey


I found only that he left Turkey in 1918 to take command GR 100?


Can you help here?





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Hi Steve!

According to the Ehrenrangliste he was Major from the "Militär-Technische Akademie" and member of the Deutsche-Militär-Mission in Turkey. He left the army as Oberst a.D.

In the prussian ranklist from 1909 he was Major in Eisenbahn-Regiment Nr.1 (railway regiment), later in Militär-Technische-Akademie.

1913 he left the army as z.D. (zur Disposition). He was written Potschernick (with ck at the end). He was not saxon, but prussian.

I couldn´t find out, if he served in GR100 after the war. If yes, he served in the regiment, but not as a commander.

The last commanders of GR100 were:

27.6.17-10.1.19: Georg v. Watzdorf

10.1.19-24.3.19: Walther v. Witzleben.

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Thank you.


Wolf makes the comment only he was made LtCol and sent to the GR 100, my mistake that it would make him its commanding officer.




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