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Suvla Bay. (Trench maps)


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Does anybody know where I may find trench maps of Either of the below two extracts from 2/4 Royal West Surrey Reg please?





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Hill 70 was also known as Scimitar Hill


Regrettably I don't have my maps disc working at the moment and the best that I do is this crop which will identify the location 105 H 3 6 9


105 H is the square holding the top half of the figure 1 (of 105)

points 3, 6 & 9 in that square are on the right hand side

6 & 9 being within the top half of the figure 1 (of 105)

and 3 being immediately above that




It's not much but should be of some help

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I've just seen your other thread - if this enquiry is also regarding 9th August 1915 then the map below which is from the British OH may also be of some help.


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Michaeldr thank you for both and yes it’s for Pte Moore on the other thread 


regards D

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The sketch and map below are both from a little later in the campaign, but could still be useful.

The map is from 26th September 1915. Because of the scale however, it may give a better idea of the ground.

The sketch is by the C.O. of the 5th R.I.F., Lt-Col M J W Pike, and although it is as seen from a little further to the left of the point where your chap saw action, nevertheless it will provide some idea of the ground and how it looked at the time

[The map is from Appendix I, of the WD HQ 30th Inf. Brigade WO/95/4296

& the sketch is from the WD of 5th RIF WO/95/4296]





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Thank you it’s always good to see from a image or a sketch as no matter how someone explains its hard to imagine.

regards D

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