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Gunner Herbert James Bailey RFA


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I am researching my Grandfathers RFA service, family members had suggested he was a regular soldier prior to WW1 and served in India.

I found an Attestation record which states he enlisted in 1913 and was demobilised in 1921 followed by 4 years in the reserve. During this time he had two regimental numbers 71595 and 1008869. He received two medals 1914-1918 India and 1918-1919 Mespotamia ?

I am wondering if he had a break in service, hence the two regimental numbers. I would also like to know which Brigades / Batteries he served with to enable me to consult their War Diaries if possible. I have attached the Attestation record, it may contain more information but I am unfamiliar with abbreviations etc. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


GBM_ROYALART_1008001-1009000_00147 (1).jpg

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Hello crowman and welcome to the Forum.


What you have found is the RA Attestations ledger that was created postwar when gunners staying on after 1918 were given a new 7 digit unique Army number.


He earned the British War Medal and Victory Medals and served in India (which would normally only get him the BWM) and Mesopotamia 1918-19, where he presumably qualified for the Victory Medal.


If you look at his original enlistment 1913 it was for 6 years with the Colours and 6 years in the Reserve. He was trf'd to Reserve in 1919 which takes him to 1925. He looks to have extended this Reserve service for 4 more years.


It is possible his service record is still held by the MoD Glasgow ?



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Hello Charlie, thank you for quick reply and the addition information, which has helped clarify what was on the Attestation record. I guess the 6/6 was years in Colours/ Reserves.

I found information on www.gov.uk to obtain deceased Soldiers records. If I am correct in my interpretation, I will need a death certificate and there is a fee of £30. Not sure if this is the MOD Glasgow you referred to?

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Hi Sotonmate, thank you for your reply. I followed your link, it appears to be where Charlie suggested as well.

Unfortunately I do not have a death certificate, although I guess I could get a copy. Thank you both.

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Ah, that's good news Charlie, I will give it a go then. Thanks to the replies I have progressed further in the last hour, than I had in the last few weeks. Many thanks.

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