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Delville Wood

andrew pugh

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Hi, hope you are all keeping safe.


I have been heard that the café in the visitor centre at delville Wood has re-opened can anybody confirm this?



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IF I remember well from my last tour on the Somme, all the visitor centers and museums (including Albert, the visitor centre in thiepval etc...) were to reopen on the 11th July. they decided to reopen al together. 



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On 25/10/2020 at 11:39, bruce said:

The museum was staffed by the rudest man in France.




Back in the day, when Janet and Tom ran things, it was a very, very different place to visit. That is now a long time ago. When they retired the SA authorities took a more direct control - the "history" changed and moved away from 1916 happenings at Delville Wood. Things became politicised. The lack of interest was palpable. 


What happened at Delville Wood during 1916 is a historical fact. The doings of the South African Brigade with 9th (Scottish) Division are historical facts. You can't change history - you can try to put a warped slant on it, but you can't change it.


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I'm curious as to why the post referring to the attitude of one of the staff of the museum seems to have disappeared.  


Was it considered (by the mods or, indeed - on reflection - by the poster himself) to be an unfair comment?


A genuine question.   

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