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Did these two men lie about their age, and, if so, why?

A Lancashire Fusilier by Proxy

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A Lancashire Fusilier by Proxy
On 20/09/2020 at 22:14, kenf48 said:

Once a man declared his age, which is all he was required to do, no documentation was required or provided, then that became his 'Army age'.  Parents attempting to get youngsters back who had enlisted under age encountered this obstacle frequently, though not applicable here, presumably their parents approved of the brothers enlistment.  George Coppard, for example, was just sixteen and when he sought to enlist was told by the recruiting sergeant to 'come back tomorrow when you are nineteen.'  He did, and went on to serve with some distinction.


I have read on in George Coppard's book now, and got to the bit where he mentions that, unbeknown to him, his Uncle had written to the War Office when he was just 18, and had been on the Western Front for 8 months, pointing out that he was too young to have enlisted, and requesting his release. George Coppard goes on:
The War Office replied by saying that their records showed that I was 19 years old on enlistment, and, that being my official age, I could not be released. Apparently the production of my birth certificate cut no ice with them.

From this it seems that the War Office were willing connivers in the deception. So no punishment, but no release either.

5 hours ago, RegHannay said:

Good luck with the book ALFbP. Beat me to it!! Just like my school reports "must try harder"

Thanks Dave. I shall look out for your book when it is published.

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