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48th Division and 61st Division including 143/144/145/182/183/184 Brigades

Black Country Wrinklie

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I am trying to ascertain the details of all Infantry Generals of the above in order to expand the text of the WW1 story of a Private soldier from the 1/7th and 2/8th Worcestershire Regiment. I have a decent list with dates for the 48th Div. GOC's and some for the 61st Div. Any assistance would be appreciated. I have no information at all for 184 Brigade and incomplete information on the other Brigades. My man has only referred to ranks not names. Any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum.  The 48th has a divisional history, that might be a good place to start.  The 61st doesn't have one however.

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48 Div GOC

27 July 1914 Maj Gen ERC Graham

5 Aug 1914 Maj Gen HNC Heath [Sick from 7 May 15]

7 May 1915 Brig Gen WK McClintock [Acting]

31 May 1915 Maj Gen R Fanshawe

20 June 1918 Brig Gen J Steele [Acting]

4 July 1918 Maj Gen Sir HB Walker


143 Bde

1 June 1911 Brig Gen CHL James

4 May 1916 Lt Col GC Sladen [Acting]

8May 1916 Brig Gen BC Dent

2 Dept 1916 Brig Gen GC Sladen


144 Bde

7 Dec 1910 Brig Gen EK Daubeney

27 March 1915 Brig Gen GH Nicholson

4 March 1917 Lt Col HT Dobbin [Acting]

9 March 1917 Brig Gen HR Done


145 Bde

1 July 1911 Brig Gen WK McClintock

7 May 1915 Col O Pearson-Sercold [Acting]

31 May 1915 Brig Gen WK McClintock

12 Dec 1915 Lt Col JH Collett [Acting]

15 Dec 1915 Brig Gen HR Done

20 Nov 1916 Brig Gen DM Watt

27 Aug 1918 Brig Gen WW Pitt-Taylor

14 Oct 1918 Lt Col LLC Reynolds [Acting]

29 Oct 1918 Brig Gen GW Howard


61 Div GOC

8 Jan 1915 Brig Gen Marquis of Salisbury

27 August 1915 Brig Gen EK Daubeney [Acting]

4 Sept 1915 Brig Gen Marquis of Salisbury

17 Sept 1915 Brig Gen EK Daubeney [Acting]

23 Sept 1915 Brig Gen Marquis of Salisbury

21 Dec 1915 Maj Gen R Bannatine-Allason

4 Feb 1916 Maj Gen CJ Mackenzie [Wounded 27 April 1918 Hospital 20 May 1918]

20 May 1918 Brig Gen RG Ouseley [Acting]

28 May 1918 Brig Gen CJ Mackenzie [Evacd sick 31 May 1918]

31 May 1918 Brig Gen RG Ouseley [Acting]

14 June 1918 Maj Gen FJ Duncan


182 Bde

11 Jan 1915 Col H Palmer

19 Mar 1915 Brig Gen EK Daubeney [Sick 18 Dec 1915]

18 Dec 1915 Col HJ Nutt [Acting]

22 Dec 1915 Brig Gen EK Daubeney

13 Feb 1916 Brig Gen AF Gordon [Injured 18 Oct 1916]

18 Oct 1916 brig Gen F Burnell- Nugent [Sick 18 Jan 1917]

18 Jan 1917 Brig Gen CA Blacklock

8 Mar 1917 Lt Col JF Clyne [Acting]

12 Mar 1917 Brig Gen Hon CJ Sackville-West

14 Sept 1917 Brig Gen WD Croft

23 Sept 1917 Brig Gen WK Evans


183 Bde

11 Jan 1915 Col Sir JW Barnsley

3 May 1916 Brig Gen CG Stewart

28 July 1916 Maj CL Porter [Acting]

30 July 1916 Brig Gen AH Spooner

18 Sept 1918 Lt Col NC Burnand [Acting]

21 Sept 1918 Brig Gen BDLG Anley


184 bde

9 Jan 1915 Col WR Ludlow

23 feb 1916 Brig Gen Hon CG Fortesgue

7 May 1916 Brig Gen CHP Carter

31 July 1916 Brig Gen WJDugan [wounded 8 Sept 1916]

8 Sept 1916 Lt Col P Balfour [Acting]

12 Sept 1916 Brig Gen Hon R White [wounded 22 March 1918]

23 March 1918 Lt Col H de R Wetherall [Acting: wounded 25 March 1918]

25 March 1918 lt Col AB Lawson [Acting]

26 March 1918 lt Col LL Bilton [Acting]

28 March 1918 Brig Gen AW Pagan

14 Oct 1918 Brig Gen AFAN Thorne.


Source Order of Battle of Divisions Part 2








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Many thanks for the cracking information supplied. It has enabled me to amend my detailed spreadsheets with more accurate dates.

The only bit of additional information I have is relating to 182 Brigade. I have a note from the 1/7th Worcestershire war diaries that Lt-Col Francis Martin Tomkinson was Acting GOC for the 182nd Brigade as a short term replacement for Brig Gen D M Watt from 03/06/1918 to 21/06/1918. 

Lt-Col Tomkinson was CO for the 1/7th Worcestershire and has a great track record. His haul of credits includes a DSO & Bar, 6 mentions in dispatches, LDH (France), CDG (Italy) and IWC.

I note that my Private soldier's story touches briefly on your own. I quote from the 1/7th Worcestershire records that "Lt-Col WK Peake of the 1/8th Worcestershire was invalided home on 12/09/1916. Major L Kerwood succeeded temporarily but on 25/09/1916 he was transferred to Command the 13th Cheshire.

Any idea who he replaced? 

As a first use of the forum, to say I am chuffed is putting it mildly.


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According to the 13th Cheshire War Diary (AncestryNational Archives) Lt Col P S Hall DSO was admitted to hospital on 27 Sep 16. The relieving CO is not named, but Kerwood signed the War Diary for that month as 'Major for OC'. It is possible that Hall remained as officially the CO, even though in hospital, but that Kirkwood (who presumably arrived to bolster the battalion on 25 Sep) was directing the battalion in the field once Hall departed.

Lt Col E L Roddy took over as CO 13th Cheshires (temporary) on 26 Oct 16, indicating that he took over from both Hall (in hospital) and Kirkwood (in the field).


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1/7 Worcester were 144 Bde. Brig Gen Donald Munro Watt was GOC of 145 Bde, both Bde 48 Div. Not sure if your post has a typo mentioning 182 Bde [61 Div].

Certainly the order of Battle of Divisions Part 2 shows no mention of Lt Col Tomkinson going from CO 1/7 Worcester to acting GOC 145 Bde vice Watt. However that is not to say it did not happen just that it is not shown or recorded on Order of Battle of Divisions.

Perhaps 145 Bde Diary may shed some light.




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