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US Air Service vs German Air service 1918

T, Fazzini

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US Lt Stephen W. Thompson of US 12th Aero Squadron

On 5 Feb 1918 while taking place of French observer, he shot down a Albatross aircraft over Saarbrucken.

On 28 July 1918 German Ace Erich Lowenhardt  shot down his 45th Victory "Credit" a "Spad". In fact the aircraft was a Salmson Observation aircraft of the U.S. 12th Aero Squadron: Pilot John C. Miller died of wounds and Observer Lt. Stephen W. Thompson was shot in the leg.  in the same dogfight Just Prior to his wounding Thompson had managed to shoot down two German Figthers.

See biography of Thomspon at http://www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/history/ww1-32.htm 


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From "The Jasta War"


Lt E Lowenhardt Jasta 10, claimed a Spad near Chaudun around 1850, this was his 45th victory.


As to the US planes they are in the records, as


Two 12 Aero Sqn Salmson 2A2 No 13, with 2/Lt AP Baker WIA/PoW and 2/Lt JC Lumsden KIA, and

1/Lt JC Miller DoW and 1/Lt SW Thompson WIA


The claims were by the Germans from Jasta B Lt K Bolle and Lt Frommherz, who claimed Spad 2's around Villers Sur Fere (Bolle) his 27th victory, and Sergy (Frommherz) his 10th victory





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Miller & Thompson were credited with the destruction of two Fokker DVIIs at 19:00 over Fère-en-Tardenois.


While Löwenhardt made his 45th claim in the vicinity of Fère-en-Tardenois, it was at 15:10, which would preclude him as victor over either of the USAS crews.  In his log for Jasta 10, Rick Duiven annotated this claim with 'Esc. Spa.15, S/Lt. A. Cordonnier, MIA'.


Villers-sur-Fère is a couple of Km south-east of Fère-en-Tardenois with Sergy located immediately east of Villers-sur-Fère; in my notes, I have Bolle with his 27th victory, over Villers-sur-Fère, linked to the loss of Miller and Thompson with Frommherz, victory number 10 over Sergy, linked to the loss of Baker and Lumsden.  Unfortunately, no times are given for either claim.


Ltn d R Grimm of Jasta 13 claimed his 1st victory at 18:50 over a 'Spad 1' whilst patrolling between Chaudun and Dormans; Chaudun is some 20 Km north-west of Fère-en-Tardenois while Dormans is more than 15 Km south-east of Fère-en-Tardenois, so he doesn't appear to be a likely candidate, either.




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In reply to the first query I only went by the Biography...at the MUSeum...possiblr Out of Control victories..?


Second responce thanks for clearing that up on claims....

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