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is there a list of tanks and crews who fought at Bullcourt


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1st or 2nd Bullecourt, or both?


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hello teignmouth..my eldest sister is the Head of environmental health for your area..im a Totnes man my self ....Both is it exsists i want to look up some D battalion tanks


All the Best

I think i have a pair of Death plaques to Brothers from Teignmouth

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Almost neighbours then!


I'm having to delve back in time with this, one of my first posts was on 2nd Bullecourt and one of the tanks abandoned during 1st attempt.


Things spiralled from there and I recall a fair few posts, PMs and emails regarding the tanks, crews, dispositions, objectives and the what actually happened taken partly from unit diaries, official histories and forum members from 2009.


It may be worth searching the forum for the terms Bullecourt Tank perhaps with me as the author.


For official histories CEW Bean's work is a must and it's online and free.


It's worth mentioning that all the sources have some conflicts with events! Bean also uses his own system of ID so EG. his tank #3 needs to be translated to the designation used by the British. I think sometimes he's muddled up his system!


Jonathon Walker's The Blood Tub is another good resource.


The CO, WHL Watson also wrote his version of events in 'A Company of tanks'.


Then the unit diaries. Some 10 years ago a forum member sent me the relevant diary pages for 1st & 2nd Bulkecourt from WO95/91 which may now be free. I recall that the narratives of the tank actions have some errors, off hand I think one tank has been misidentified and the actions of some others perhaps a bit exaggerated.


It's quite a complex subject to digest when there are conflicts in the above sources.


The forum members who contributed to my posts in 2009 helped clarify some of the errors and pointed out some more suspected errors. Not sure there is a definitive, 100% accurate history.



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Perhaps this would be helpful?


One, Pte. S Nicholson, 95039 of Teignmouth is recorded on the "Roll of Honour" in the Tank Corps Book of Honour (Published in 1919) on page 440.  Sadly no details as to circumstances of  place of death or unit in the field.


D Battalion

11th company - Maj. Watson


Section - Lt Swears

D23, 796, Lt Skinner

D30, 797, Lt Birkett

D22, 531

D27, 800


Section - Wyatt

D24, 593, Lt Puttock

D25, 711, Lt Morris

D26, 799, Lt Davies

D28, 586, Lt Clarkson


Section - Field 

D21, 798, Lt Burnstein

D29, 590, Lt Money

D32, 585, 

D52, 702



Tom K.

Edited by Tom K
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Thanks Tom,

CWGC have him as A Coy. DOD 2/9/18, buried at Dury Crucifix Cemetery.


Parent's address in same road as I am!


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Thank you that is very helpful and very kind of you to take the time 

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