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RNVR Z/4015


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I am researching my family and Ancestry.co.uk threw up a hint about my Grandfather, Daniel Griffiths which I'd like to explore.

Although the date of birth is 1 day out (Grandpa was born on 7/2/1890 but this record has 8/2/1890) the place of birth, Llandysul in Cardiganshire matches and it is reasonable to suppose this may be my relative.

It suggests he was in the RNVR between 5/4/1917-1/2/1919. His service number was Z/4015 and he served on the following: Victory VI, Victory I, Victory VI again Vivid III and President IV. 

Grandpa went on to marry Gertrude Morris in 1928 and had one son, John Glynne Griffiths in July the same year. He worked as chauffeur to the Bishop of St David's from the 30s-early 60s. e died in 1963.

I would like to know more about this service and if there is any additional information that would definitively identify this as my Grandfather.

Can you help?




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His full Official No. is Wales Z/4015 (Wales Division of the RNVR). I would not be concerned about the one day discrepancy in d.o.b..

Unfortunately, his record tells us little about how he was employed in WW1, except that he was a seaman rating (ordinary seaman and able seaman). His recruit traing was at Crystal Palace Depot (borne on the books of HMS VICTORY VI, a Pay Office). On the books of VICTORY I he was almost certainly in Portsmouth Naval Barracks. He returned to Crystal Palace (reason not stated) Victory VI.  On the books of HMS VIVID III he was probably in Devonport Naval Barracks. HMS PRESIDENT IV was a London Pay Office but, again, the record does not show his employment. However, I believe the record shows him rated Seaman Gunner (SG)  (DAMS) on 16 April 1918, probably following a gunnery course in HMS VIVIV III. The PRESIDENT draft may in fact be PRESIDENT III, (not IV) the parent for men serving in Defensively Armed Merchant Ships (DAMS). Sadly, we cannot tell which DAMS he served in - these are never recorded.


During his time in barracks at Portsmouth  he was proably employed on general seaman duties in the dockyard and naval base. 

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Thanks Horatio2, that's interesting. It's funny isn't it how familie don't talk about things! This was a new fact I was previously not aware of.

Do any of the records have an address either before or after his period of service?

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His RNVR enrolment papers are in the archive of the Fleet Air Arm Museum (National Museum of the Royal Navy) but the archive has been closed to enquiries since December 2018. Check their website for any change to this state of affairs. No other records exist.

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