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jamie 1978

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Forgive me if I am asking a daft question, but if someone (my Grandfather) transferred from the Territorial force of the 5th (res) battalion Glos Regt in Aug 1916 to the RFC would that mean he didnt actually serve with the Glos Regt. I am thinking that this was merely a holding battalion, possibly my Grandfather volunteered under Lord Derby's scheme and when the time came to be called up he (a married man) took his chances with the RFC instead. Possibly he served with the Glos Regt in France. Anyone with any ideas.

Thanks for any possible replys


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Hello Jamie,

5th (Res) Bn of the Gloucestershire Regt saw life in 1915 as 3/5th Bn, being the 3rd Line unit of 5th Bn. In 1916 it was redesignated as 5th (Res) Bn, intended to provide reinforcements to the 1st and 2nd Line battalions (1/5th and 2/5th). In september 1916 the battalion merged with 4th (Res) Bn of the regiment.

So far concerning the 5th (Res) Bn.

For your grandfather to transfer to the RFC, I think anyone with the proper qualification could apply for transfer I would assume. But I am sure someone else can tell more about this, as I am not an expert on transfers.



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