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UC 75


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I notice Klaus Wolf shows that this man served on UC 75 in Istanbul during 1918?


Böhme Fritz    LtzS Marine    SMS Goeben to Canakkale and Syria at Hamadan to UC 75 at Istanbul U Boat     1915-18    shown in Klaus Wolf's Book


Of cause UC 75 was not in the Med or at Istanbul, so it must be another boat but which one?


UC 13 

UC 15 all lost before 1918


UC 23 

UC 37 both there in 1918


Then again he may have been in any other U Boat in Istanbul 


There was a UC 74 at Pola but does not look like it was at Istanbul?


Any ideas what boat he was on?






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Böhme was Crew 1914 and promoted to Leutnant zur See on July 13, 1916, three days before his 21st birthday. The above summary is largely correct: He was on Goeben and then served with the naval infantry in Gallipoli then the Nachrichtenabteilung in Syria between, in total, August 1915 and March 1918. He then is listed in the Ehrenrangliste as a WO on "UC 75 (Ko)" — which obviously makes no sense. It’s some sort of typo, though what boat he served I can’t say. Also unusual to serve on a U-boat without undergoing submarine training.

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